5 Ways to Add Colour to Your Home Through Styling

5 Ways to Add Colour to Your Home Through Styling

If you are thinking of adding some colour to your home, you must be worried about the budget behind such a project. The good news is this can be a very cheap exercise; there are several small creative ways you could incorporate that will not cost too much. Remember a little change will go a long way when trying to style your room. Below are our top five simple ways you could add some colour to your home through styling.

  • Simple ways to style your rooms with colour

When trying to design your home with colour, the key is to layer it with simple temporary touches without stripping your personality in the theme. Below are some ideas you can explore.

  • Try use nature to your advantage.

Placing a vase with beautiful blossomed flowers on your coffee table, or just getting a house plant placed at the corner of the room is a simple way you can introduce some colour. Now to take this a notch higher try and get coloured pots that complement the flower.

  • Cushions can add some colour.

You have noticed the impact a simple throw pillow can do to your décor, so how about dressing your couch with bold coloured throw pillows, or you could invest in new cushion covers. You will instantly see and feel a change in the room, giving your living room a beautiful new look.

  • The flour can do with some colour.

Now to the floor, having a coloured rug at the centre of your room can add some personality to your living space. Try to get a carpet that has a colourful pattern, and the best use of rugs is having them in different sizes, this way you can define the various sections in your living space.

  • Some art on your wall can add some flavour.

Wall art adds a vibrant feel to a room, you can use it to make a statement with a large centrepiece, or you could go the simple route of having a print framed. These wall hangings immediately add some drama, and if your walls are neutral, your piece of art will definitely stand out.

  • The bathroom will also need some attention.

We tend to focus on the living room and bedroom, forgetting that the bathroom also needs some attention, which you can do in simple ways. Add some colourful towels that come with cool designs, and a small vase with flowers can do the trick. And with just simple touches your bathroom has some personality.


Trying to add some life to your living space does not have to cost much the trick is making use of what you have to your advantage creatively. Throw pillows, a few potted plants in coloured pots and colourful rugs makes a lot of difference. You could go a step further by painting your walls, but not all walls, choose one wall as a centrepiece and paint a bold colour that will complement your décor.


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