Bumi Ayu Temple, Muara Enim, South Sumatera


Temple Bumayu is one of the heritages from Hindu era. It situated in coast river of Lematang, administratively in Bumiayu village, Tanah Abang sub-district, Penukal Abab regency, Pematang Ilir. This temple is the only complex of temples in South Sumatra. Until today, there are significantly less than nine temples which were found in this area, and 4 of them have been restored, these are Temple 1, Temple 2, Temple 3 and also Temple 8. This preservation has started since 1990 until today. This temple complex covers an area of 75.56 ha, with an external limit of 7 trenches.

The temples in Bumi Ayu are passing monument, which means the memorial that had been abandoned. The temple was left by a delay conclusion of Hindu political by the Islam force in about the 16th century. Then the temples had been broken and buried until it was rediscovered by EP Tombrink 1864. The story that been listed by A.J. Knaap 1902 says what’s currently referred to as the Bumi Ayu Temple is the former palace of a kingdom named Gedebong Undang. It also told that the area of the empire was spread until at Modong and Babat. F.M. Schnitger reported in both cities there were also the remains of Hinduism, but has lost by the river Lematang eroded.

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