How to find the leading pier shuttering suppliers on rent

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Pier shuttering has long been an essential facet of industrialisation. Today, each country is trying its best to be a market for top real-estate. In times like these, infrastructure truly means everything. Without quality, no foundation can be durable or withstand the test of time.

Quality pier shuttering is tricky to find, but there are some leading pier shuttering suppliers on rent, who can erase all your worries.

Some of these leading pier shuttering suppliers available on rent are listed below.

  • Translite Scaffolding Ltd.

 Translite offers premium quality equipment. They maintain a massive stockpile of all shuttering material– both conventional and customised. They have traditional shuttering plates, telescopic props, c-section channels, etc. of all sizes and variety. These are extremely helpful to decrease the overall cost of construction projects wherein shuttering equipment is used. They are mostly used where a concrete slab casting needs to be performed.

This brand’s selling point is that their products and services are incredibly affordable, and they lower prices based on situations and limitations.

  • Shew Pujan Thakur and Son’s

 Shew Pujan Thakur and Son’s was established in the year 1965 and is based in Kolkata, West Bengal. They specialise in scaffolding and shuttering systems. Their products have no defects because they take the utmost care. They check and recheck their products to provide excellent customer satisfaction. Apart from that, they have a skilled workforce.

They offer a light-weight, and modular approach to construction-finish and their products accommodate a variety of construction requirements by their clients.

Their products are known for being durable, light and reliable. They are useful in dams, bridges, etc.

  • Ginni Scaffolding

 Ginni Scaffolding provides on-rent steel scaffolding as well as on-rent steel shuttering for construction purposes. While being a sole proprietor, Ginni’s scaffolding and shuttering are purchased on-rent by construction companies spanning across all of Northern India, including Punjab, Haryana, Jammu and Kashmir, Uttar Pradesh and Himachal Pradesh.

Since 2005, they’ve been persevering to provide reliable equipment on-rent for short-term construction goals, as well as long-term projects. These include cup lock systems, MS plates, Pipes, Channels, Jacks, Acrospans, Girders, couplers, Joint pins, etc.

  • Shri Durga Scaffolding

 Shri Durga Scaffolding is Delhi based and the brand was started 50 years ago. Since then, they have built a name for themselves and raised their company from the ground up.

They provide scaffolding and shuttering equipment on-rent, across India. They have established themselves as a reliable leading brand in on-rent shuttering equipment. They also work with government contracts.

  • Hi-tech Scaffolding

 Hi-tech Scaffolding provides scaffolding and shuttering equipment on rent, in Pune. Shuttering plate is the main item for support when it comes to construction of beams, slabs, lintel for casting, canopy, etc.

This replaces the more expensive plywood and wooden items.

Their products are repeatedly tested to ensure quality and durability before they’re put out for rent.

They work with contractors all over India, as well as government contractors.


This was a specially curated list of the leading supplier of pier shuttering, spanning all across India.

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