How gifting Lilies- “the flowers of Purity” can be a wonderful way of expressing love

flowers of Purity” can be a wonderful way of expressing love

The literal meaning of Lily is purity and innocence. Birthday, anniversary, or on the most special moment of getting a piece of good news for the family, Lilies can be the perfect floral gift to express joy, love, and admiration at the same time. Lilies also symbolize purity and motherhood. So, be it for your wife, mother, sister, or girlfriend, send Lilies in their perfect form to them, and make them feel special. Not only for females, but Lilies can also be a beautiful gift on your Father’s birthday, Rakshabandhan, or wedding anniversary. These pure forms of natural beauties are so versatile in conveying messages that they can be picked as the perfect gift on almost all occasions. However, here are a few purposes that Lilies can solve as a gift meticulously. If you want to make the way of gifting not so flashy, yet thoughtful, then a bunch of lilies is what you must buy!

Lilies on Womens’ Day

Lilies define feminism very beautifully. On International Women’s Day, what can be better than a gift of white or pink lilies for the ladies who are close to your heart! Pick a fresh bunch of these beautiful blooms from our web store and impress the women you love. Be it your class teacher who you admire, a colleague who has helped you a lot, or the most beautiful women- your wife or mother, share wishes of Women’s Day with your beloved ones with the gifts of lilies.

Lilies on Mother’s Day: Mother’s Day gives us an opportunity to do something for the one who always does everything for us. It is the day that allows us to reciprocate to our sweetest mother with some gift that she can cherish. As we know that Lilies are the flowers of motherhood, let a bunch of lilies be the Mother’s Day gift this time. Ture Feelings, Mixed Lilies in Vase, or Vase of Lily and Roses can win her heart on this special day. You can also add Mother’s Day gifts to the flowers.

Lilies on Birthday:

Be it your father’s birthday or your wife’s; gifting lilies can enlighten anyone’s mood. These flowers also stand for rebirth and renewal. Let the gifts of innocence and purity be the birthday gift of your loved ones. You can pick Pink Lily Bouquet, Charm of Lily and Roses, or Perfectly pleasing from the store and brighten up your dear one’s day.

Lilies on Valentine’s Day

Valentine’s day is all about sharing love and romance. While roses are the flowers of this special occasion, you can go a step ahead with being unique in your gifting style. Add a Charm of Lily and Roses to your Valentine’s gift list and you will be surely winning your lover’s heart with this charming gesture.

Lilies on Wedding

According to Chinese philosophies, and also in other parts of Aisa, is it believed that Lilies are associated with 100 years of marriage. Let these beautiful flowers be the object of good luck as you present it to someone close on their big day. An arrangement like Vase of Elegance and Grandeur Arrangement can be the best wedding gift for your friends or relatives.

Lilies on Anniversary

What are you planning to give your wife on your anniversary? Do you know that lilies are also considered to bring a lot of good fortune for marriage? So, why not choose a bouquet or box full of lilies for your wedding anniversary? “Sere Carnation with Lilies”, “Love together Bouquet”, “Long lasting love” are as charismatic as they sound. To place an order for any of these arrangements and get within 3 hours at your doorstep, visit our website now.

Lilies on Propose Day

You can think of gifting your girlfriend with a bouquet of lilies on Propose day if you think of spending the rest of your life with her. It is the symbol of purity and loyalty. So, prove your unconditional and undying love to her in this way.

Lilies on Baby Shower

Let your admiration and blessings be presented wonderfully. Wishing your close one on their significant day with lilies can represent rebirth, good luck, and a symbol of motherhood. So, you can pick a bunch of lilies for such occasions without even giving a second thought.

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