Top Things That Will Make Your Concert More Successful


When it comes to choir concert in Orange County, it is important to know that what the audience sees and hears has nothing to do with how well the ensemble sings. The ensembles can be well-prepared and highly talented but there are some simple things that can be done to improve a concert at the last moment. 

A choir concert is only successful if it is appreciated and enjoyed by the audience. The performance of the choir is a reflection of the hard work the singers have put in over the course of months but it is not a determining factor in how the concert is perceived by the audience. Read on to learn a few things you can do to make your choir concert more successful. 

Start your performance on time 

It is better to have latecomers struggling to find a seat than to have your punctual audience waiting for your show to begin. When you start your performance on time, your audience will recognize that you value their time. This will prepare the audience for an efficient choir concert. 

Have concert etiquette for your audience 

It is important to post signs with clear etiquette. It is also important to begin your concert by explaining to the audience when they can leave/enter the concert hall when they can talk, if or when they can take photos and when and how they can respond to your ensembles. It helps if you give an overview of the vision and length of the choir concerts in an effort to prepare your audience for their experience. 

Speak to your audience using a microphone 

It does not matter how loud you think you are but you must always use the microphone when talking to your audience. Your warmth and vocal inflexions will come across when you speak into the mic and talk at a conversational volume level. You should speak directly into the microphone. 

We have seen conductors turn their heads to thank the audience as the listeners lose the ends of the sentences. A lot of choir directors think that the microphone will do its job without having to speak directly into it. If you have something to say, you should ensure that your audience can hear what you have to say along with your natural and non-screaming vocal inflexions. 

Always prepare precisely when you want to speak 

As you evaluate your concert program, you should think about the best times to take the microphone and speak. Maybe there are some spots that require breaking down or setting up of equipment or times when the performers need to move around. You should take advantage of this time to speak as it saves both times and keeps the audience well-entertained. 

Incorporate lighting cues 

You can use simple lighting to turn typical choir concerts in Orange County into a very special performance. For example, a processional can have different lighting compared to the first piece on the risers. Holiday songs could have different colored lights on the stage and so on.

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