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The Many Different Types Of Pregnancy Ultrasound Tests You Should Know


A pregnancy ultrasound, also called a sonogram, is a prenatal test that is provided to the majority of pregnant women. It utilizes sound waves to display an image of your baby inside the uterus/womb. Ultrasounds help healthcare providers to check on the development and health of babies. There are varying types of ultrasounds. The type you get will depend on how far along the pregnancy has gone and what the healthcare provider is checking for. A tool known as a transducer is used for all ultrasounds. The most common type of pregnancy ultrasound is conducted trans-abdominally.

Trans-abdominal ultrasound is most probably the one meant when you hear of ultrasounds during pregnancy. The pregnant lady lies on her back on an examination table and the provider covers her belly with a thin gel layer. The gel helps the easy movement of the sound waves for a much better picture. The transducer is then moved across the belly. The pregnant lady might be required to have a full bladder during the pregnancy ultrasound test process as sound waves move a lot easier through liquid than air. The process is painless, but the full bladder could be uncomfortable. The process takes only around twenty minutes.

In special instances, the provider could utilize the following types of ultrasound to obtain more information about a patient’s body.

  • Doppler: This type of ultrasound is used to check the blood flow of a baby that is not growing normally. The provider utilizes a transducer to listen to the baby’s heartbeat and to also measure the blood flow inside the umbilical cord and in some of the baby’s blood vessels. A pregnant lady that develops Rh disease could also get a Doppler ultrasound. The disease is a blood condition that could bring about serious issues for the baby if left untreated. This type of ultrasound is normally utilized in the last trimester but might be done earlier.
  • 3D: The type of ultrasound takes several thousand pictures at once. It then creates a 3-D image that is nearly as clear as a real photograph. Some healthcare providers utilize this type of ultrasound to ensure that the organs of a pregnant woman’s baby are developing and growing normally. A pregnant lady could also get a 3D ultrasound to check out any potential issues in her uterus.
  • 4D: This is very similar to the 3D ultrasound, but it displays the movements of the pregnant lady’s baby in a clear video.

These are the major types of pregnancy ultrasound that you may need to know. For the majority of pregnant ladies, the procedure always shows the baby is growing and developing normally. If your own ultrasound happens to show everything to be normal, then, just ensure that you keep attending your prenatal checkups. In that way, you ensure your health and your baby’s.

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