Explained: Quickbooks Error 3371 And Its Solutions

Quickbooks Error

The Quickbooks Errors 3371 has become the most troublesome error that generally emerges when users try to activate QuickBooks on a different PC using an activation key.

However, sometimes, the Quickbooks Errors 3371 can appear even while reinstalling QuickBooks desktop due to various reasons that we’ll learn in this post.

As it seems like you’ve been troubled with the QuickBooks 3371 Error, read on, as, in this informative post, we’ll explain the Effective steps that will fix QB Error 3371. So let’s begin.

Symptoms Indicating The QuickBooks 3371 Error

There are various error codes in the QuickBooks and each of them requires distinct fixation steps.

Therefore, ensure the following symptoms of QuickBooks Error 3371 to apply the ideal solution.

  • In case, users can’t access the sensitive data and files of the company.
  • The mouse movement becomes unstable and the system doesn’t take any keyboard commands.
  • The Error Code 3371 appears while reinstalling QB Desktop.
  • Error in License properties appears on the system.

What Causes The QuickBooks 3371 Error To Appear?

The fact that QuickBooks requires storing the QB license data on the system’s hard disk, increases the chance of deletion of data either accidentally or via malware infection.

However, apart from this, the following are the causes that lead to QuickBooks Error 3371 emergence.

Absence of Registration.dat File:

Registration.dat file is a must for validating the QB license and in case this file gets corrupted or missing, it’ll give rise to multiple QB Errors including the 3371 Error code.

Corrupt MSXML Component:

The function of the MSXML component is to transmit data information through QuickBooks. Therefore, a corrupt/damaged MSXML component cause the 3371 error to appear.

Outdated Windows OS:

An Outdated Windows OS not only makes your system vulnerable to threats and malware but also triggers the QuickBooks Error Code 3371.

Misconfigured Antivirus:

Despite being a must-have software for your system’s security, improper settings of your antivirus may confuse the QuickBooks for a threat and thus cause the 3371 Error.

Importing File Pre-Saving

Since it is necessary to save the file before browsing them, users often import the file prior to saving them and hence causing the QuickBooks 3371 Error.

Effective Steps For Fixing QuickBooks 3371 Error

Now that the symptoms and causes of the QuickBooks 3371 Error issue, users are required to perform the following steps chronologically.

Step 1: Exit “QuickBooks” Via Task Manager

The first step to fix the QuickBooks Error 3371 is to exit QB from the task manager. Perform these:

  • Firstly, hold “Ctrl+Alt+Del” together till a new window appears.
  • Thereafter, select “Task Manager”.
  • Now, click “Processes” and under it locate the file entitles “QBW32.EXE”.
  • Finally, hit “End Task”.

Step 2: Deleting The ECML File

The second step in fixing QuickBooks 3371 Error is to delete the ECML File. Here’s how:

  • At first, open “This PC”.
  • Now move into “C: Drive” followed by entering into “Program-Files”.
  • Thereafter, open the “Intuit” folder in which locate/open the “Entitlement” folder.
  • Now, open the “Clienv8” folder and look for “.ECML File”.
  • Next, left-tap on it and hold “Shift+Del” followed by “Ok”.
  • Finally, run QuickBooks and try registering the product again.

Generally, the 3371 issue gets resolved by following these steps. However, if it remains then proceed with applying the next steps.

Step 3: Run “QuickBooks Install Diagnostic” Via “QBTH”.

The QuickBooks Install Diagnostic tool treats the installation issues and various QuickBooks Error Code effectively.

Users are required to download the QuickBooks Tool Hub via Intuit’s website and thereafter, follow these:

  • First, run “QuickBooks Tool Hub”.
  • Now on the dashboard, locate/click the “Installation Issues”.
  • Thereafter, tap on “Run QuickBooks Install Diag-Tool”.
  • Finally, after a while, when it detects the error, follow step 4.

Step 4: Tap “Error 3371 Fix”.

After the QB Diagnostic Tool successfully identifies the issue, users should try performing these steps:

  • Visit “Installation Issues”.
  • Tap “Error 3371-Fix”.
  • Thereafter, wait till the diagnostic tool fixes the 3371 Error.
  • Next, exit from “QuickBooks Tool Hub”.
  • Finally, perform a reboot and try registering the product again.

Step 5: Launch “Fix My-Program”

In case the above steps are unable to fix the Quickbooks Errors 3371, it is likely that the issue resides in the QuickBooks Program. Using the “Fix My-Program” tab will diagnose and treat any program-related Errors. Follow these:

  • Launch “QuickBooks Tools Hub”.
  • Go to “Installation-Issues”.
  • Thereafter, hit “Fix My Program” for diagnosing and treating the 3371 error.
  • Finally, tap “Ok”.

Now, that the QB program is fixed, the Quickbooks Errors code 3371 will no longer be an issue. In case the error still troubles you, ensure to update your windows to prevent any technical glitches and utilize the bug fixes.

Step 6: Updating Windows Manually

If the system does not have an up-to-date Windows OS, it is prone to face issues and errors that can affect the system’s HDD and alter with the QB license key.

Therefore, causing QuickBooks Error 3371 emergence during the reinstallation of QB or while registering the product. Your Windows can be updated manually by these:

  • Click “Start” and input “Control Panel” in the search field.
  • Next, locate and launch “Control Panel” and hit “Windows Update”.
  • Afterward, hit “Check Updates” and ensure to download/install if available.

Wrapping Up

We believe, the steps disclosed in this post will help you to treat the  QuickBooks 3371 Error permanently. Moreover, the content is deeply researched and the steps are tested and validated by our experts.

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