The Top Rated Fitness Apps to Check Out

Nothing better can be done rather than allowing your body to be in shape and a proper workout regime. It removes all the bad things and highlights the good features. To own an Android device is not going to allow you in doing all such things, but numerous apps are there that can help you achieve this endeavour. These apps go on to do the good things but they can break your bank. Let us flip through some of the popular Android fitness apps.

Runtastic apps

On your mobile device this is one of the best running apps. In the last couple of years, they have gone on to spend a lot of effort in adding to their collection. For cycling and push – ups there are individual apps. The app is rounded off with a sleep timer with the presence of an individual timer app. All of them did go on to work well when it was tested properly. Some of them possess one -time costs, whereas others were free. Tons of features are an integral part of this app.

My Fitness pal

It is another popular fitness app on the mobile platform. It goes on to undertake a bit of everything and is rated to be a calorie counter app. Numerous stuff in the form of diet, calories along with exercise are part of this app. Even small things like item trackers or logs are part of your progress. But this app has a charge in order to subscribe.


For fitness tracking, exercise regime this is a popular app. A customizable programme for getting into shape and even a 6-week program for getting the ball rolling is part of this app. You can undertake anything from a 5 minute exercise to a fully blown up exercise schedule. Though this app is costly but it is flexible. Another decent app is Strava that focuses more on running apart from anything else.


It is basically a strength training app and a workout trainer. In comparison to many of its competitors this app is a bit manual. It is possible to formulate as many workout routines as you need. By the help of this app you can able to track down your progress and once you progress looking at ways to improve. If you opt for the premium version you can avail additional features like BMI calculator and to monitor your gains or losses you can even store pictures. This is a cheap app and you are bound to love the UI.

The above are some of the popular fitness apps. They go on to provide all overall fitness experience in terms of running, fitness tracking along with a host of other reminders. Some even go on to tell you the amount of water you need to drink and other popular stuff. The best place to download them and work on them is 9apps install. Within a short span of time it has gone on to emerge as one of the popular 3rd party apps to download these fitness apps.

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