Top Reasons Why You Should Join A Choir


I have attended various choirs near you in California and I would say being part of a choir is fulfilling. Maybe you have seen a community choir in your area and you are toying with the idea of joining it and being part of it. Or perhaps you would love to sing but people have always discouraged you telling you that you don’t have the voice. We will give you good reasons why joining a choir might be the best thing to do.


Singing in a choir will officially improve the way you listen to music. It will draw out your innate musical ability and intensify your appreciation of harmony. There is a natural learning curve that happens organically as a consequence of regular singing in a group that keeps your ear strong. As much as choral singing is typically concerned, the whole is the total of its parts and members learn how harmonies combine.

You can use applications to consolidate choir rehearsals and even gain your understanding of harmonies. Applications will also allow choir members to practice harmonies of set songs at home.

Mental health

Extensive research has been done on the benefits of singing in a choir on psychological well-being. If more people could engage in singing, we would have a healthier community. Studies have shown that the mental health benefits of singing in a choir include strengthening feelings of togetherness, enhanced brain function and the release of endorphins and oxytocin resulting in reduced depression and stress. Choir concerts help you learn how to control emotions and reduces stress.


It is surprising how many people are told by their friends that they cannot sing. People can discourage potential singers for years. Most people do not imagine that they will ever sing in a live concert and to experience this for the first time, you can join a choir as this can change your life. The real truth is that, unless there is a loss of hearing, anyone can be taught how to sing. Singing in a community choir will give you permissions to make noise as part of a group. Choir leaders report witnessing new choir members’ confidence grow rapidly. If you are feeling nervous then music applications can help you improve your confidence. With all the backing and lyrics arrangement supplied, you can sing in the comfort of your home.


With the advancement of mobile devices and computers, people are becoming increasingly isolated. Social networks offer a semblance of the community but lack of contact with other people in real life can intensify the alienation feeling. Singing has been central to ritual and religion as a way of connected people since ancient times. Being part of a choir working towards one goal can fulfil this human need for union and belonging.

Choirs near you in California help forge social bonds and it does so quickly, acting as an icebreaker. People inevitably make friends with people from different backgrounds and social cohesion is improved through live concerts and choir rehearsals.

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