Why choose Yii framework?


Yii Framework is one of the most powerful choices to develop high-quality applications in short time. It is a robust and high- performing PHP framework that is widely used for creating web 2.0 applications. The following six reasons can help you see the need to choosing the Yii framework.

  1. Easy installation

Whether you are a beginner or an experienced web developer or even a freelancer, you don’t want to spend much time on configuration and installation process. The fantastic Yii frameworks from PHP software reduce the complexity of installation process by providing you an easy template from which you can choose the backend component. In fact, there is no better way to simplify the configuration process. By selecting the Yii modules, you can directly use the directory structure from the templates.

  1. Advanced Technologies

Yii is a pure object oriented framework. However, it takes some advantage of PHP features such as SPL classes, interfaces, Namespace and some anonymous functions. Since the class of the Yii framework is of namespace object, one can derive the PSR-4 compliant autoloader. Being a programmer, you can get a lot of benefits from these advanced technologies.

  1. Highly extensible

It is no wonder that this powerful framework is highly extensible just because the presence of virtually added components. By creating a file in app\components directory, you can utilize the data more efficiently. It is quite flexible to use the component directory in PHP framework.

  1. Encourage Testing

Yii framework is specializing in codeception, which is a PHP framework that simplifies the process of creating functional test and unit test for the applications. If you are an automation test engineer, then you are more likely to know this concept already. This codeception simplifies the configuration process during the selenium testing. Hence, Yii framework is not only used in web development, but also helps to simplify your testing process.

  1. Security

As security is an essential part of any web application, you can enjoy using the security application component of Yii framework. Some of the exciting framework methods are shown

  • Validate Password: This method allows you to check whether the user supply password matches the stored hash or not.
  • Generate password Hash: It helps to simplify the work of password creation. It will automatically create the secure hash code from the user supplied password. Then this hash code is converted into a defined string using PHP encryption techniques. Most Yii development company India has started exposing these innovative methods in new way to grab the customer base.
  • Random Key: This method allows you to make any random string with any length of your choice. It avail many features that help you to create multiple security application
  • Safe methods: In addition to the above methods, Yii make use of the valid CSRF token, which will recheck the unsafe HTTP request such as POST, DELETE, PUT and so on.
  1. Saves your time

Most application contains some repetitive methods that do not worth the time. In this case, one should use the framework that helps you to spend less time on those modules. Fortunately, Yii framework provides you an effective tool that can save your time by customizing the applications. This template is used to create modules, extensions, and CRUD views and action.

No other service is better than Yii framework development services. Install the framework and make the design by choosing the template of your choice.

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