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Bajaj Health Card Hospital For Affordable Healthcare


Healthcare fraud is not a new phenomena and costs insurance companies a few hundred crores every year. Conventional healthcare systems based on paper or memory cards make it difficult for the authorities to ascertain if the patient is the one insured. An alternative to this is electronic health cards that offer safety from healthcare frauds. Download Bajaj health card and receive quality medical care from your nearest bfl health card hospital starting at Rs. 99.

E-cards offer enhanced efficiency

Healthcare IT systems are required to be reliable, secure and efficient to reduce the cost of medical bills usually associated with public healthcare programmes. Electronic health cards have the potential of improving a patient’s experience by storing their medical data and history and acting as a digital prescription. These cards offer robust privacy provided the sensitive nature of medical information stored in them.

Benefits of using a health card

A health card acts as an integral component of the healthcare system by identifying the insured patient and securing the transmission of medical expenses. Online doctor consultation and the transition of the prescription from paper to digital help healthcare systems to reduce cost and increase its efficiency.

Other reasons why you should opt for a smart health card:

  • A health card is a secure document- Paper documents can easily be forged. However, smart health cards are tamper-proof and do not allow any form of forging and manipulation.
  • It secures the patient’s identity and authentication- Health cards sometimes include the patient’s picture and other anti-fraud features to provide a secure identification. Other health cards contain biometrics to ensure that medical services are being provided to the correct patient.
  • Health cards protect privacy- These smart cards offer the ultimate protection of privacy by filtering access of personal data to authorized people only- the patient themselves and the doctor can only read it.
  • Eco-friendly: Electronic health cards help reduce paper waste which in turn helps improve the environmental footprint, thereby paving the way for a greener and digital mindset.

Bajaj Health Card Hospital

The Ruby Hall Bajaj Health Membership program offers multiple medical benefits to its patients with premier healthcare facilities at either of the several Ruby Hall Clinic centers, starting at Rs. 99 with a 100% cashback.

Patients holding a Ruby Hall membership card enjoy-

  • Up to 20% discount on healthcare services
  • Up to 10% discount on pharmacy
  • 100% cashback on card fees


Patients are offered three membership plans to choose from for medical benefits for themselves and their family-

Classic Premium Platinum
100% cashback on card fees (Rs. 99) 100% cashback on card fees (Rs. 499) 100% cashback on card fees (Rs. 2999)
Up to 10% discount on healthcare services Up to 15% discount on healthcare services Up to 20% discount on healthcare services
Up to 5% discount on pharmacy Up to 7.5% discount on pharmacy Up to 10% discount on pharmacy


An Assessment

Electronic health cards with either an identification number or biometric authentication enable a host of medical services including online doctor consultation, prescriptions, and lab reports. Electronic health cards have a significant role to play in creating consistent databases along with automated data reading and the temporary or permanent storage of confidential data such as allergies, chronic diseases, blood groups, etc. 

So, this technology can protect patients from medical fraud without creating significant changes for either the patients or healthcare professionals. These health cards come in handy during emergencies to generate a response for a quick and accurate diagnosis. To avail of these benefits, visit your nearest Bajaj health care hospital and download Bajaj Finserv Health app to receive enhanced healthcare.




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