Best Start up Opportunities Of Booming Maternity market in China


Being a new mother can be emphasized incredibly. If you are sinked by daily tasks and still do not get popping out at the rental shops, you are not at least in China.

According to population, as the world’s largest country, China record 16 million newborns every year. According to the China Ecommerce Research Center, this new population sells children to China, China and other users worldwide.

The growing sector has also increased the policy level. In recent years, Beijing is a leading ‘child child’ policy due to lack of family planning policies such as casual society and economy. Since November 2013, young rebellions may be two children as long as one of the parent’s parents.

Although many competent couples, especially they live in urban areas, there is no other child due to financial and other stress, the effect of this policy is still great. Regarding data from the Haiti Securities, after its implementation, by 2018 the number of newborn children in the country has reached 20 million. The China Ecommerce Research Center has predicted that the market will reach Rs 200 billion to Rs 200 billion by 2015.

Specifically, this sector is full of new cost power with tech users, tech users. As the first group to experience China’s economic and digital boom, post 80s and more than 90 post-genes are present online and there are disposable revenues from previous generations. After becoming a parent, they spend a lot of money on volunteer children, so the Maternity market in China indicates more than their predecessors. On the other hand, they are also more logical buyers who pay more attention to product quality.

The durable sector has attracted the business’s death. Here are three children and we can see vertically related to maternity.


Baby care e-commerce is currently one of the hot warm vertical among China e-commerce boom, and it is a rising vertical: Cross-border e-commerce is fueled by the growth.

The formula, fake dipper and product safety concerns have appreciated the demand for child-imported baby products from chronic parents. The trend has attracted some important investments for relevant sites. In the first nine months of 2015, the baby and mother care industry invested US $ 60 billion worth $ 1.3 billion.

The presidential retirement Mia, a leader in the Children’s Border E-commerce Sector, received a US $ 150 million series D fund last year. His competitive baby increased a $ 100 million CCC at $ 1 billion worth. Chinese cosmetic retailer Jamii moved to the child care sector with an online community for early care and education after joining $ 300 million for child trekking.

Despite the heavy capital injection, compared to China’s e-commerce companies, baby’s retailers have a long way to go yet. According to the Analysis Report, Tmall, JD and Suning Redbaby acquired the top three places in the year of Alibaba’s E-commerce market, in which China’s B2C maturity product market was 46.9 percent, 22.8 percent in Q2 2015 and 5.6 percent was calculated.

The research institute said China’s maternity product change was 28.52 million RMB in 2015, in which e-commerce represents only 10%.


China’s world as a hardware center, weirdly loves China, and we get great sound for mothers and weigh for the maximum of our children. The good news is that most products deal with the needs of businesses that parents are themselves, so they should solve some real issues for you.

Primary care is very important to help ensure that mom and children are potentially healthy. The Visiting Clinic is an integral part of all pregnancy, but it may be a lot of trouble if you go there for a little bit of anxiety.

There is a group of smart hardware that helps you reduce these concerns. The Mr. Ultrasound Tracker is the same as I thought myself was the most useful tool for the expected mother. In this sector, a leader is a career leader. Other products focusing on mothers include a smart wrist movement such as Lisa and B.-Smart.

Smart gadgets for children are more diverse, range from milk formulas mixer (Ginger, good papa), smart dipper change boxes (Smart PPP, Bangkok) and Smart Thermometers (iThermonitor, Baohuquan).

Most of the products have started receiving their mobilization campaigns from the help of Chinese screens that prefer price and matters, not only to get funds but for marketing.

It is interesting to note that the large number of smart devices are developed by Jack Paradigm and that is why a large number of users are new ones.

Demand and O2O

The O2O industry has a complete fight in China, and there is no exception of maternity. Because after the birth of china, the traditional tradition of women is “sitting for the month”, demand for O2O counselors is very large. New campaigns can provide demand services including maternity metrics, breast-feeding masers, diet, non-fitness trains and other careers, including primary care and academic professionals.

But the market is still illegal because it is difficult for third-party platforms to standardize and control the quality of these services. Field player’s O2O Fitness Training Service Hot Sale, Baby Care Service Youfumama.

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