Coronavirus Tips – Preventive Measures To Stay Safe Indoors

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The novel virus has taken many innocent lives. Amidst the pandemic, we must behave in a sincere and responsible manner so as to combat the spread of it. The virus has spread across continents which have led people to panic. Till now, no country has succeeded in the race of making the vaccine. This is exactly the reason why we need to take preventive measures. A careless behavior on our part can cost us thousands of rupees.

This virus is spreading very vastly. Social distancing is the need of the situation. You can talk to your family members through your smart phones. In order to enjoy the rest of life, one must not frequently go outside. You should go outside only in case of emergencies. It is far better to wear masks rather than ventilators.

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Let us know about the tips and hacks which we must take to stay safe indoors:-

  1. Maintain Social Distancing: It is one of the most important ways of combating the novel virus namely, Coronavirus. There must be a gap of at least 3feet. When someone forgets to maintain the gap, the virus tends to get easily transmitted. It gets spread through the droplets of water which comes out when the infected person coughs or sneezes.
  2. Boosting Your Immune system: Another important tip is to boost your immune system by eating healthy foods. According to reports, it is said that persons with weak immune systems get infected easily. The intake of items containing Vitamins, Protein, and Calcium is necessary to build a healthier immune. Home Remedies like gurgles with hot water is necessary to stay safe indoors. It is also recommended to regularly consume a glass of warm milk.
  3. Disinfecting the belongings: Regular Disinfection is necessary to combat the spread of the virus. Mist sprayers are readily available in the market which helps us to purify the air in which we breathe in. The railings and the floors must be disinfected after each and every hour. While cleaning, one must not forget to wear masks.
  4. Use wipes while coughing and sneezing: One can catch cold because of weather changes also. There is no need to panic after getting a cough and cold. However, you must not forget to practice respiratory hygiene while coughing and sneezing. Do not use handkerchiefs. It is advised to use disposable wipes.
  1. Avoid unnecessary touching of eyes, nose, and ears: The virus can get transmitted anytime. Therefore, it is necessary to avoid touching the eyes, nose, and ears. The virus is purported to get transmitted through eyes, nose, and ears.



At this juncture, feeling feverish is a sign of. Coronavirus. However, you might get a fever because of other reasons as well. One should not panic and get things worse. He/she should undergo home quarantine. It is also recommended to take immediate health assistance from doctors. It is expected that the customers will buy hand sanitizers online. They need not wander from shop to shop.


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