How to base the on Credentialing Model on Primary resource verification?


Blame it on the increased population of the people who are actively searching for work at any geography of the world or the demand for a highly skilled workforce which is making aspirants go halter-shelter, one’s credentials are faked or being represented in manner which may not be entirely ethical to say the least. Hence, the enterprises are now taking cautious steps to recruit the right kind of people with genuine qualifications and through viable credentialing services.

A credentialing model which has now been readily embraced by major recruiters is to verify the credentials directly with the originating source, which is also called the primary source. This is the ground from which the claimant had acquired the skill-set and which has been named on the resume as the issuing authority of the skills.

Organizations are also outsourcing this job to firms offering credentialing services. The steps involve verifying the educational documents of the candidate, work experience documents, licensure, identity etc.further, the credentialing model may also consist of:

  • Verifying documents from the originating source.
  • Verifying information via phone calls.

Those who employ professionals with a clean educational background project a clean image and set examples of credibility to be taken by others.

The work experience can be checked upon, by the credentialing services, by getting in contact with the credentialing organizations that have been listed on the curriculum vitae of the candidate. The human resource department of the listed companies have the obligation to share the total experience of the professional. This includes information involving any behavioral issues or any disciplinary concerns that may be in the waiting in relation to the employee.

Those credentialing models which adhere to this discipline have received overwhelmingly positive feedback from the companies. These pros include risk redemption, profit boosts, reduced absenteeism, competitiveness, increased brand value as well as a highly qualified workforce.

There are two options with an organization that wants to optimize its practices for good. Either have an in-house talent management unit that is capable of operating and delivering results that leads to top notch professionals coming in. Or, the work could rather be outsourced to firms that have their own credentialing services and excel in funneling the best of the lot for the betterment of their organizational clientele.

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