How To Organize A Wedding? Useful Tips For Life’s Best Day Event!!!

How To Organize A Wedding

Are you thinking about getting married? Don’t you know how to organize the most special wedding and how much time in advance you will need? Find out!

You are finally going to take the big step! When a couple makes the decision to marry there are many things to organize. The important thing is to think that all the effort invested will pay off so that the most important day of your lives is special and with your most personal style.

We reveal a definitive calendar with all the tasks that you will perform in your most exciting countdown:

  • 12 months before
  • 9 months before
  • 6 months before
  • 5-4 months before
  • 3-2 months before
  • 2-1 week before
  • 3-1 days before

Choose the type of wedding you want

There are endless ways to celebrate a wedding, but it is totally intimate decision of the bride and grooms to define what kind of link they want to have. First, and probably the most important decision, will be to determine whether a religious or civil ceremony will be held.

In the event that it is going to be religious, it is necessary to contact the archdiocese of the city to make an appointment with the pastor and to set a date. In the case of the civil ceremony, you must go to the local courts to specify all the legal requirements and procedures that must be carried out.

Once this decision is made, the date and time of the wedding will be marked. On the other hand, define whether it will be a formal or informal link. That said, one of the first tasks will be to prepare the famous guest list, as it is a fundamental requirement when selecting or discarding spaces to celebrate the banquet.

Define your most personal style

Link in the city, with country style, modern, romantic, vintage…? As for a taste there is nothing written and, since it is your day, you can design your wedding 100% adapted to your most personal style. The most authentic weddings are those that reflect the essence of the bride and groom in each of its details.

Determining the aesthetics of the wedding is one of the first things that the bride and groom must decide, since all the services and details will go in relation to the chosen theme. Just thinking about your tastes you will know how to define with total precision the type of wedding you wish to have.

Magazine Before the wedding Plan the wedding How to organize a wedding step by step: countdown from 12 months before

Budget invested

This is also a very intimate aspect of the couple, but to avoid last-minute unpleasant surprises, it is essential to define the budget to control the expense. The couple can prepare a list of services and an expense ceiling in each of them to simplify the search and optimize efforts.

Reserve the place of the ceremony and the banquet

It is the place where your guests will spend most of the day, so you have to look for a pleasant environment and that is in line with the theme of the wedding. The bride and groom also have to decide what kind of banquet you want to celebrate. You can opt for a standing cocktail, a buffet or a sitting banquet, the most common. There are so many good wedding venues in Delhi you can book for organizing the wedding events in style. Before booking the banquet check the availability, capacity, services and price which suites to your location, budget and the number of guests.

Decoration and flowers

Many boyfriends are not aware, but the decoration and flowers play a fundamental role in their great day. Thanks to these small details you can recreate the magical atmosphere with the theme that represents them the most. The spaces to decorate are:

  • Ceremony
  • Appetizers
  • Photocall
  • Table decoration
  • Good lighting

For the flowers of the big day choose the seasonal ones, which are better preserved and are cheaper. In the centerpieces, flowers will also be the main protagonists.

Photography and video

It is one of the sections of your wedding in which the most worth investing. The photographer and videographer will be in charge of capturing the best moments of your link so you can always remember them. Each professional has his personal stamp; therefore, the best option is to discover his portfolio to opt for the one that best suits your style.


Music is one of the most special elements of a wedding, not only because it is present at many times throughout your day, but because it represents your side and more personal taste. How to choose the perfect music for every moment?

  • Ceremony
  • Banquet
  • Dance

Organization of the bachelor party

Normally it is family and friends who are responsible for organizing the bachelor and bachelorette party for the couple. Guests can opt for a fun day in their own city doing different activities or make a mini-trip of girls or boys to the destination they want.

Choose your wedding bouquet

The bridal bouquet is, with total security, one of the most important accessories that you will wear on your wedding day. The possibilities are endless, but the design must represent your most personal style and be consistent with the chosen dress.

It is very important to consider two factors to expedite the choice. First, the station chosen for the link, as this will largely determine the flowers that are in line with it. On the other hand, specify if you want an artificial or natural bouquet. Another aspect that should not go unnoticed is the physiognomy of the bride.

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