Rose Water Health Benefits

Rose Water Health Benefits: From Antioxidants to Anti-Aging


Rose a mere flower for some but whole life inspiration for others. Rose is beautiful creation of supreme power. Rose not only hastherapeutically value but inspires world with its varied characteristics. Rose is a symbol of enthusiasm, desire, passion, innocence, joy and many more. SomePeople are of the consensus that why this beauty is covered with thorns and the other considered these thorns act as the guards. This is the perspective of people to look at such a beautiful and meaningful flower The Rose’. Rose not only soothens our eyes but at the same time the aroma of rose is the proven mood enhancer. It’s the fragrance of rose that makes the whole surrounding environment rejuvenate.

Wondering why are we discussing a lot about rose here, it’s all because of the numerous benefits it provides. One such benefit of rose is magical rose water. It is made by a mix of water and rose petals. The amalgamation of rose with water reproduces a therapy which finds its place on each bad every house across the globe. Rose water is the ancient product which due to its high healing power is used till date. Versatility of rose water can be foreseen in wide range of beauty products, as a main ingredient in several cuisines and also in religious rituals. Let us go through some of the Benefits of Rose Water.

Rose water- Antiaging Mantra

  • It helps in removing excess oil from skin by regulating the ph. balances content of body. That’s why mostly skin specialist suggests cleaning skin with rose water.
  • Its astringent like propertiespossesses cleansing values. Application of rose water on skin helps in removal of dirt accumulated in clogged pores. It keeps skin fresh.
  • Anti-inflammatory and antibacterial properties of this sacred water helpin eliminating the sun burns, redness of skin and helps in removal of acne.
  • Rose water refreshes the skin by hydration and moisturise the skin by shredding dead cells.
  • The astringent properties of rose water help in fine toning of skin. Applying mild layer of rose water on face after steaming will lead to tighten the loose skin.
  • It helps to remove fine lines and wrinkles.
  • It contains Vitamin A and Vitamin C; these possess anti-aging features.
  • It helps in repairing malfunctioning tissues.
  • Its medicinal values help in removal of scars.
  • Rose water acts as the best chemical free make-up remover. You can use it to get off makeup in a very gentle way. More you can add 2 tsp of Rose Water with 1 tsp of Almond/Coconut oil for an effective and natural makeup remover.


Rose water- RichAntioxidant

The magical rose water not only confined to anti-aging values but also has anti-oxidantfeatures too. As an antioxidant rose water heals the various skin related problems.

  • Pill for Sore throat:

To treat sore throat doctors, prescribe various medicines. These medicines at the one end treat itching of the throat but on the other end have adverse effect on our other body parts too. Very few of us are well versed with the medicinal value of the rose water. There is no harm in using the rose water as remedy to sore throat.

  • Prevents Infections:

Rose water not only prevents but also helps in treating several infections. People often use rose water as medicine for eyes. It is used as an antiseptic during conjunctivitis- bacterial eye disease. Regular usage of rose water help in cleansing the dust not even from skin but also from eyes too. It helps in bid a goodbye to tiring eyes.

  • Treatment in severe headaches:

Rose water helps in treating headaches too. It is proven that the vapour therapy helps in reducing severely aching heads to minimal. The other way to treat paining head is to apply rose water on head with a gentle massage.

  • Medicine for indigestion:

In today’s world where people are more dependent on junk food-rise water come up with soothing indigestion problems. Due to consumption of high acidic food we tend to search for antacids to relieve the harmful acids from body. Rose water is one of the remedies from grandmother’s bucket that helps in reducing the digestion problems.

  • Rose water drinks:

The sparkling pink rose water can consumed too to obtain clear skin. Rose water can be added to various smoothies to enrich their flavour and the results of these are super glowing skin.

Wrap Up

The immense value of mystical rose water doesn’tend up here. Exploding uses of rose water have immense effects in every sphere of our life. It’s all depending on us how much more we explore about it. The only make up product which doesn’t have chemical in it rather it has healing properties in it. In the end -Use this phenomenal water as per your requirement and rejuvenate your soul with its aromatic and therapeutic values.

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