How To Rank For Your Targeted SEO Keyword

Any serious SEO agency in Sydneyshould know how to make their clients rank for their targeted keywords. Ranking for a keyword is a repeatable process. You will not get your desired results all the time especially if your website is new. But if you take SEO and content marketing seriously, you can make things happen. Here are some useful steps to help you rank for a keyword in search engines.

Lay the groundwork

You will need to have the basics in place before ranking higher in search engines for random keywords. You will need a strong website. The longer your site has been around, getting links and authority, the better. It is also important that your website follows the best SEO practices. Google’s webmaster guidelines should be followed.

You will also need a network to draw on to rank quickly for a keyword. It is not useful to have a built-in network to share your new content. This could be a following on social media, blog following and so on. If you do not know what this means then it is time to think about link building as a way of relationship building.

Do your keyword research

You can use several keyword research tools to understand the search volume for the keyword and the competition before finalising your choice of keywords. Your main considerations should be choosing a keyword with good volume but avoiding keywords with too much volume. Your SEO Companyshould also choose a keyword that is relevant to your model.

Check out the competition

After settling on a keyword, you need to research it on search engines to see what your competitors are already using. You should pay attention to their domains and URLs, the titles they use, the type of content that is ranking for them, and how authoritative the sites are.

Knowing more about your competitors will help you look for ways to stand out from the crowd by coming up with something different. You will need to do more than what your competitors are doing if you want to beat them.

Consider intent

You need to use specific keywords if you want to rank highly. This way, it will be easier to gauge the intent of the searcher. It will also be easier to serve up what the researchers are looking for. You should find content that best services the keyword.

Conceptualise your content

Create a plan from the content you are going to create. There are a lot of paths you can use to rank for a keyword. These include blog posts, articles, product pages, authoritative guides, videos, infographics and a directory of links.


After coming up with a plan, it is now time for your SEO agency in Sydney to execute the plan. You should not rush when it comes to executing your plan but it is very important not to rush. Search engines are looking for quality content that can benefit the searcher and this means that you don’t have to stuff keywords on your website. Invest in quality content.

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