Types of Industrial Lights Products

When one talks about industrial lighting there are actually various types of it. And each type has its own set of advantages and disadvantages. But no matter what, a proper lighting arrangement is very much needed in any area.

So when it comes to industrial lighting products, one needs to find out some cost effective results for that. We all know that lighting is very essential in our daily activities. Also this is not only important in the domestic environment but at the work environment as well. So there are basically three categories when people talk about industrial lighting. They are general lighting, emergency lighting and supplemental lighting.

The general lighting is the illumination part or pattern that is implemented inside the facility and the supplemental lighting is that extra lighting which has more intense focus on a particular area like the work stations. On the other hand, emergency lightings are the lightings that are powered by a generator or a battery. These are mainly used when the general power is interrupted or lost.

Here are some different varieties of lamps that are mostly used in industrial lighting.

 Incandescent Lighting

These lamps are the most common types of lighting available in the market. Here and electric current in passed through the thin wire filament to create a heat which in turn produces white lights. These bulbs can be used in different lighting devices like the general lighting devices and the supplemental lighting devices. One can also install them in the decorative lighting. These incandescent bulbs can produce a very light and creative atmosphere and they can last for at least 700 to 1000 hours. They are very easy to install and they are also efficient (up to 18 lumens per watt).

High Intensity Discharge Lighting

These are also known as HID lamps and they pass an electric current through the inner tube which is filled with a pressurized gas mixture so that it can create light. These HID lights are available in three types and they are metal halide, high pressure sodium and mercury. This is a very powerful source of lighting and it is most commonly implemented in general lighting, landscape lighting and outdoor artificial lighting. HID lamps mostly reaches full lightness after a few minutes that they take to warm up.

Fluorescent Lighting

It is created when an electric arc is passed through inert gas. This arc produces heat which vaporizes the droplets of mercury and then emits the ultra violet rays. There is also a phosphor coating inside the bulb that glows when it comes in contact with the UV lights. These fluorescent lights can be very efficient as it has a maximum output of 105 lumens per watt.

 Compact Fluorescent Lighting

These lamps have similar functions like the standard fluorescent lights. These can be used in regular sockets and serve as energy efficient replacement for the incandescent lamps.

Commercial industrial lighting products also includes halogen lights which are also very cost efficient. One can go for them as well.

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