liver transplant surgery

Facts about a liver transplant surgery


You would have heard the term liver failure. It does happen to be a surgical procedure where a damaged liver is being replaced. This is normally taken from a deceased or a liver donor. The liver is one of the largest organs of the human body and does go on to perform numerous functions.

  • Goes on to remove toxins and bacteria from our blood
  • Goes on to process hormones or nutrients
  • Goes on to produce bile that goes on to absorb fat with a host of vitamins that are fat soluble.

In fact liver transplant would be suggested for someone who has gone on to have stage end liver complications. In some cases, a rarity of a failed liver may also arise as well.  The surprising aspect is that the number of people who are waiting for the surgery goes on to outnumber the donors available. After the surgery the liver disintegrates and goes on to come back to its normal size as well. For this precise reason, it is considered to be a viable alternative than wait for a liver donor.

You would need to consider the fact that this is a form of treatment for people where alternative treatments have failed to yield in the desired results. It cannot be controlled and you could be suffering from liver cancer as well. It can happen quickly or over a prolonged period of time as well. In some cases it could also arise due to medication based liver injury as well.  Though you can go on to treat acute liver pain, in some cases it could go on to treat chronic liver pain as well. In case of the former it does occur over a period of several months at the same time.

As far as chronic liver condition may arise it does present due to numerous conditions. Though the most common among them happens to be the scaring of the liver. It is a process where the normal liver function would be impaired


As far as a liver transplant evolves it does carry a lot of complications. There are a lot of risks associated with the procedure. The risk being that drugs are needed in order to cope with the rejection of the surgery. Some of the risks associated with the same are blood clotting, injection, risk of bleeding etc. As far as the long term complications evolve it could mean a lapse in the transplanted liver as well.

Once the transplant is over, you would be on a set of medicines so that the transplanted liver works in a proper condition. Having said so these medicines can go on to cause a lot of side effects in the form of high blood pressure, headache etc.  As these medicines go on to work by suppressing the immune system you do carry a risk of infection. Most often than not the doctor will give you a set of medicines in order to find the infections.

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