The Best Tips For Cleaning Your Palladium Rings

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If you are planning to use palladium skull rings for your wedding then you should know how to take good care of them. Palladium has been used as an alternative ring to platinum or white gold in some cases. Palladium is considered to be equivalent to 14 karats white gold. A lot of people across the world use palladium during their marriage ceremony. People also buy and present rings made of palladium as a present for occasions such as marriage, birthday, religious events and anniversaries. One of the best features of palladium is that it does not scratch and this means it is a hard substance.

Why cleaning

Some people wonder why palladium should be cleaned yet it is a hard substance. When you use a palladium ring, it comes in touch with air and moisture. We assume that you know air contains a lot of dust. The moisture and dust fall upon the surface of your palladium ring. As a result, your ring looks faded, dirty and old. This is the reason why you must clean your palladium ring on a regular interval to keep it shining and looking new.

How to clean

You don’t have to go to the jewellery store to clean your palladium ring. Nowadays things have become easy and you can do nearly everything at home. You do not need to visit a jeweller to have your palladium ring cleaned. You can clean your silver skull rings, palladium rings, gold rings and any other types of rings at home. There are many ways you can do it. We have explained below how to clean palladium rings. Read the guide carefully and select a method that is best for you.

Soap and water cleaning

Using a solution of water and dish wash soap can be used to clean a palladium ring. This solution has enough amount of gem and dust removing ingredients. The recipe for this solution is very simple. You will require less effort to clean your palladium ring. Let us know the ingredients needed for the cleaning solution: soft cloth, dish wash soap, small pot and lukewarm water.

You will need to make a solution using the materials we have mentioned above. Take lukewarm water in a small pot and add dish wash soap to it. Mix the water and the soap and stir the elements in the pot. Use a spoon or a stick to stir them until you see foam form in the pot. Once the solution is ready, put your ring in the pot and soak it there for around 15 minutes. Remove it and scrub with the soft cloth. Your ring will be looking as shiny as new. Now wash the items off and let them dry. You can use a soft cloth to dry the ring.

Lemon juice and soda

You can make a paste of lemon juice and soda to clean your palladium skull rings. You will need a fresh lemon, cut it and squeeze it into a container. Add some soda to the juice and stir them. Clean as you cleaned with soap and water until the ring shines.

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