Functionalities of Commercial RO Water Purifier

RO water purifie

Health is Wealth’, ‘If health is lost, everything is lost’ – these sayings will eternally stand true for all human beings, irrespective of one’s location and age. Water is the essence of life and drinking purified water is one the principal factor in maintaining a healthy body and a leading a healthful life. The sole ambition behind the creation of water purifiers is to promote good health and a disease free life. Nowadays water purifier with RO technology has become an integral part of every household today.

Present day water purifiers come under the following three main categories –

  • Household RO water purifier:The household RO water purifier is a water purifying unit consisting of five to six stages, including that of an Ultraviolet Light treatment to kill microbes. It uses the principle of Reverse Osmosis and the RO membrane (a semi permeable membrane) is the heart and soul of the purification process. It reduces the Total Dissolved Solids in water to a recommended value.
  • Gravity based water purifier:It uses the gravitational potential energy of water stored above the filtration units to purify the water. It also is a multistage purification process which includes Ultra Fine filtration and microbes killing chamber. It does not require electricity to function. It is most suitable for water with TDS of 150-250 part per million (PPM).
  • Commercial RO:A commercial RO is a Reverse Osmosis based water purification unit which has a very high purification capacity in terms of the amount of water treated per unit time. It, therefore, can serve a large number of people. It also consists of the same basic stages of filtrations as in the case of household RO but at a much larger scale.

All of the above mentioned three are water purifiers with slight difference in functionality. They have been designed differently in order to meet their respective customer needs.

People today spend most of their time in their respective workplaces and therefore the employees’ health is of utmost priority to every employer. As the name determines, the commercial RO is best suited for commercial places and office complexes. Along with an excellent water output rate, they also have a huge water storage capacity. Besides maintaining purified water quality, they have been also designed successfully meet the large-scale requirement at a time. Moreover, the price range of commercial RO is affordable and its installation is hassle free.

A commercial RO system consists of the following purification stages-

  • Sedimentation filter:The sedimentation filter is the first stage of the RO Water Purifier unit and it blocks the impurities like sand etc from reaching the RO membrane.
  • Carbon filter:  The carbon filter is the second stage of an RO water purifier and it removes the heavy metals and compounds like pesticides from water.
  • Ultra violet (UV) light unit:The ultra violet light unit kills the microorganisms left in the water after purification or the water to be added to the purified water to maintain the TDS
  • Ultra Filtration (UF): The UF uses fine fibers to remove the extra hardness from the water.
  • Filter Flow Restrictor (FFR):The rate of waste water dispelling from the RO is controlled by a valve, called Filter Flow Restrictor, fixed at the waste outlet pipe. The purpose of the FFR to avoid excessive water wastage or lesser efficiency of the RO purification.
  • The RO membrane:The RO membrane is the heart and soul of your RO water purifier. RO membrane of appropriate gauze is installed in the RO unit in accordance with the input water’s hardness and TDS.

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